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  • What we will do

    What we will do

    We will optimise your CV to produce a modern, eye catching and relevant document that will truly capture your accomplishments and highlight your transferable skills.

  • How your Curriculum Vitae will look

    How your Curriculum Vitae will look

    A professional bespoke, high-impact document that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

  • Your accompanying covering letter

    Your accompanying covering letter

    This personal touch in a compelling letter will enhance your opportunity for employment by emphasising your suitable skills and requisite experience

Welcome to the CV Writing Service

"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression"  

When you complete your own CV you risk writing a biased document that although, may look good to you, might not even receive a second glance from a potential employer during the "average 30 seconds" that they spend reading it.


Fact: On average each CV is looked over for just 30 seconds.
Fact: On average, 150-159 people apply for every advertised vacancy advertised in UK
Fact: 6 out of 10 people don't know how to write a CV
Fact: Over 70% of CV's are missing vital information and are discarded in the first filter.
Fact: The cost of our dynamic CV's and covering letters are less than the cost of one night out with your friends.


“Sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate”

About us

Paul previously served in the British Army as a Career Manager, after which he became an English Lecturer at the Defence Language Institute with the Military University in Brno Czech Republic. More recently he has completed several years within the very competitive security sector/commercial industry, both in the UK and abroad. During this time, whilst conducting CV sifting, he became very aware of the vast array of highly qualified and experienced individuals who could not identify or transfer their self worth onto paper; these oversights have often resulted in countless missed opportunities.  

As a result, Paul has set up this CV Writing Service, using both his blend of skills and experiences, to assist clients to highlight those transferable qualities that potential employers are looking for in any industry.

Paul Richardson 

"Paul Richardson"

Our services

By quantifying your transferable skills and experiences, we will build your CV and provide you with a high-impact, compelling, yet brief document, accompanied with a dynamic covering letter crafted by a professional writer that will both modernise and optimise your CV whilst justifying your skills and achievements. For a free, no obligation CV Review, simply email us your current CV to or upload your current CV on this site.

£ 59.99

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Simon P

" Simon P "

"Paul was able to take my CV and transfer it into a more concise and employer friendly format in a short period of time, with impressive results. Transferring my military qualifications and experience into a workable and understandable CV without underselling my abilities has been a daunting task! However, Paul was able to complete this and also provide a "punchy" and no nonsense covering letter... I have no hesitation in fully recommending Paul's bespoke, impeccable and individual service."
Donna G

" Donna G "

"Paul rewrote my CV and Wow!, what a difference; it was like he was talking about someone else! Having a new CV has given me more confidence and as a result I have been offered a better job with more money. I would certainly recommend Paul, the turnaround was really quick too."
Jack H

" Jack H "

"I have just had a 24hr turn around on my tired 'military' CV from my resettlement course, total transformation and great results, everything pops off the page. I would not fail to recommend his services to all of my family, friends and colleagues."
Jeremy S

" Jeremy S "

"Paul did a fantastic job turning my CV around from "a shopping list" (his words not mine) to a concise and easily read readable document. It landed me a job first time I used it, twice in fact I had to turn one down. Paul is a Gent."